Lara is an independent singer-songwriter from Helsinki, Finland. She claims she was supposed to be born as the daughter of Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel, but due to her mistakes in her previous life (being a hippie and suffering death from OD in NYC in the 70′s) she was sent to Finland, without famous parents. “Oh bugger”, Lara laughs.

Lara worked on her ambitious debut album “End of Part One” for 5 years, with no budget. The idea of the album was to take the conventional pop song demos (with piano and vocals) further, avoiding the most obvious solutions of the singer-songwriter genre. Lara asked Rubik front man Artturi Taira to work as a producer, and the result was unique.

“End of part one” was released digitally in June 2012. Without any proper PR it first gained interest in independent music media  Album’s track “Teeth to match our wounds” ended up on Finnish national radio station YleX and got airplay for 6 weeks, which was unusual for a debuting artist without any gigs.

Since then Lara has found talented musicians to support her onstage. She has performed new songs live and in June 2013 she released her first track after the debut album.  The track is called “Till you don’t know your name”.

Lara is still working independently with voluntary help. “I enjoy the artistic freedom of it, but at the same time it makes things much slower since everyone has to work on other projects to make a living. Now I’d rather try and release one good song at a time than wait for another 5 years to get the next album done”, Lara says. “If I had the opportunity for an intensive studio period – like if I won the lottery or something – I wouldn’t mind recording a whole album either”, Lara laughs.